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ISSA, Clarendon coach hail WATA

Wisynco through its WATA brand has been sponsoring football at various levels including schoolboy football for several years now, and specifically the Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) daCosta Cup this year.

According to Tiffany Simmonds, Wisynco’s marketing co-ordinator, the company’s commitment to sports in Jamaica and WATA’s involvement in the schoolboy football competitions fits perfectly with its mission to improve the lives of the Jamaican people.

She also said, “It’s good for WATA to own the daCosta Cup, interact with the rural persons, interact with the schoolboys from across those parishes and let them know that they are loved and that the brand is here for them no matter what.”

In terms of the feedback from the schools, she said: “The coaches will have the schools call us to say we love the programme, can you start selling WATA in our schools? They also enquire about how do I get to be part of the Wisynco family, so we do get the feedback and its appreciated.”


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