Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

Our History

As the Wisynco Group Limited celebrates over 5o years of business and service to the Jamaican people, we take a look at how it all began and how the company earned its title “The Innovators”.

The Wisynco Family has significantly expanded over the years and has faced many triumphs and challenges together, making the team more resilient and committed. Through the years the Company and their growing employee base have been guided by the principles of their founding fathers, who maintained that their priorities in life should be God first, Family second, Country and then Company. The Company Mission Statement; To improve the lives of our people, extends to all stakeholders – sharehold­ers, team members, customers, partners and fellow Jamaicans alike.


Was the official birth of Wisynco.   The new plant started production and manufactured 60 pairs of boots per hour. Soon farmers, casual labourers, factory workers, and anyone needing protection from the elements would be sporting Jamaican-made Iron Man water boots. Initially Wisynco introduced a double-shift system to keep up with growing demand, and when that still was not enough, expanded to three shifts. This was done by David Kerr and Joe Mahfood working 12 hour shifts to manage the three eight hour shifts. Andrew and William Mahfood were born.


Wisynco started exporting Iron Man water boots to Trinidad and Barbados.


Wisynco expanded production with its second line, “Mr. Robin” plastic shoes and boots for children. Factory space increased to 12,000 square feet by the middle of the 1960s, and by the end of that decade to 20,000 square feet.


Wisynco exchanged (swapped) out its equipment with a Haitian producer of men’s shoes, and started producing Gator Shoes, a full range of men’s and children sneakers, casual and dress shoes. The Gator brand of footwear was the most popular products that rolled off its production line. Growth continued during the 1970s and, in fact, by the end of that decade, Wisynco required 60,000 square feet of production/warehouse space in order to supply the Jamaican market with its expanding range of products.


Wisynco started production of cups and containers, in the old offices at West Indies Synthetics, Twickenham Park being brought into use as the thermoforming hall.


Wisynco started distributing beverages such as Carib Beer and Shandy, Cole-Cold and Chubby from Trinidadian manufacturers.


Wisynco started its Fisheries Division. The company produced 1.2 million pounds per year using a Russian trawler and divers from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.


Wisynco discontinues their distribution of Carib Shandy, Cole-Cold and Chubby from Trinidad. The company borrowed US$3 million and set up a 10,000 square-foot carbonated soft drink manufacturing plant. BIGGA Soft Drink was born.


Wisynco introduced its own brand of purified artesian well water to the Jamaican market. In keeping with Jamaican “Culcha” they named it WATA.


Wisynco Group Limited formed as a result of the amalgamation of the three companies – West Indies Synthetics Limited, Wisynco Trading Limited, and Jamaica Drink Company Limited.


Wisynco began distributing Coca-Cola products on a non-exclusive basis.


Wisynco collaborated with Ocean Spray to introduce the innovative Ocean Spray Cranberry flavoured WATA, later to be renamed Cranberry Flavoured WATA


Wisynco began to manufacture and distribute the first locally produced energy drink BOOM. In March of that year, the company announced it will be the exclusive distributor of the world’s leading energy drink Red Bull. By December, Wisynco announced that they would be the exclusive bottlers and distributors for the Coca Cola products.


Wisynco ended a 17 year relationship with Ocean Spray cranberry juices.


Joseph Mahfood retired as Chairman, and Andrew Mahfood was appointed CEO ~ William Mahfood was appointed the new Chairman.


Wisynco purchases a fifty percent share in United Estates Ltd & Trade Winds Citrus Ltd.


The Wisynco Group celebrates 50 years of existence.


On May 26th, the Wisynco Distribution warehouse is destroyed as a fire raged through the entire space.


In July 2017, the operations team moves back to its Lakes Pen warehouse after 14 months of servicing customers using multiple warehouses and difficult logistical issues. The new warehouse is larger and will allow Wisynco to meet further customer demands into the future.

In November 2017, Wisynco intends to sell its shares to the public for the first time.


New beverage manufacturing line and new Cold storage facility.

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