Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

In 2008 Wisynco Group Limited innovated the water category with, WATA WID WOW, a portfolio using WATA  and 6% cranberry juice.  Dubbed  CranWATA by it’s beloved consumers, the brand sold millions of cases in the first year becoming and still is the #1 flavoured water in Jamaica with four delicious, naturally fruit flavoured, low sugar, refreshing choices.  In 2019, we added some sparkle to the ‘WOW’, introducing a brand new style for consumers to enjoy their favorite original as a carbonated beverage with all the benefits of the original.

Flavours: Cran-Peach, Cran-Grape, Cranberry, Cran-Strawberry and our new Sparkling Cranberry

Availability: Jamaica, island wide

Sizes: 600mL, 330mL

Key export markets: Cayman Islands,
Florida, New York – Tri-State area

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