Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

Wisynco opens $200m solar plant


AS a “key driver… to promote environmental sustainability and to have the most environmentally friendly operation”, Wisynco Group last Thursday commissioned into operation a one-megawatt solar plant at its Lakes Pen headquarters in St Catherine.

“This investment will enable us to supplement the energy we get from the public supply to lower the cost of energy to the business. Early performance reports from the system already show that there is the potential to save up to US$1,000 per day,” said William Mahfood, chairman of Wisynco Group Limited.

wisynco 200m solar plant

The solar plant was installed at a cost of $200 million by Padero Solar Jamaica Limited, a subsidiary of British-based company of the same name, and is comprised of two systems — a 730-kilowatt ground mount on two acres of land, and a 271-kilowatt roof mount located atop the Wisynco distribution warehouse.

“What we have delivered for Wisynco is a reliable, high-quality Solar PV system performing eight per cent above client expectations reducing their daytime grid energy consumption,” explained Benjamin Daley, managing director of Padero Solar Jamaica.

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