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William Mahfood is a Power Broker!

Power Brokers , Jamaica 50 under 50 | Gleaner/PSOJ

Age   47
Title  Managing Director
Company  Wisynco Group Limited

There’s no better man to lead Wisynco than Managing Director William Mahfood, who literally knows every inch of the operations.

With a degree in industrial engineering, the family put him to work in Mahfood’s Commercial (now Wisynco Trading), the distribution arm of the business at the time.

“My first job was warehouse supervisor with specific responsibilities of opening and closing the warehouse, loading trucks, unloading containers and managing stock in the warehouse,” he explained. Mahfood said his growth came over time as he took on more responsibility and proved himself capable in managing various areas.

“I worked closely with our then chairman Sam Mahfood, who taught me about customers and managing the business and focusing on customers’ needs,” he said. Today, Wisynco is rated the number one customer service company in the industry. Mahfood credited his uncles and father for their foresight in allowing him to move through the organisation and develop. Their guidance allowed him to focus on building succession in the organisation with young people, propelling future growth and expansion.

“But, more importantly, I now understand so much of the business … and it was the day-to-day experience on the job that has made me continue to learn,” he said. Mahfood admitted it is harder to prove yourself in a family business.

“The reason is that you have so much more to prove; it takes real hard work, passion and dedication to grow a business in today’s environment.” He said the most important part is motivating people, getting them to see your vision, and rally behind it.

Even though Wisynco is well known, the work continues. The Learning and Development division focuses on constantly engaging all workers and developing their excellence through training and development.

“This is how we develop our people and thereby help to grow our company,” he said. Looking ahead, projects include a national recycling programme and installing a sophisticated waste-water treatment plant to reduce Wisynco’s environmental footprint.

“We are also about ready to start on one of the largest expansions in our group’s history in manufacturing, which will give us close to 30 per cent additional capacity for next year.”

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