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US Motivational Speaker For Wisynco Conference

Laura Koch, Gleaner Intern

United States motivational speaker Grant Cardone will hold a presentation at Wisynco Group’s Sales Conference in Kingston today.

Cardone told The Gleaner in an email interview that this is his first time in Jamaica.

His message to the Jamaican audience will be that “Success is our duty, responsibility and obligation, and to achieve greatness one must commit fully. Goals must be so huge, that problems pale in comparison.”

Sales expert Cardone regularly comments on economy and commerce on American TV channels, such as Fox News, NBC or MSNBC.

Additionally, he has published several books, including the New York Times bestseller If You’re Not First, You’re Last.

Before he became known, Cardone sold cars to earn money. He describes himself as a “self-made guy” who tells his audience “that success and abundance are there for the taking”.

His career as a motivational speaker began as he received more and more invitations to speak at automobile dealerships. “Once I wrote my books I was able to create seminars tied to the content in the books,” the 56-year-old said.

He states that not only commerce experts could learn from his thoughts but also a teacher or a household helper. All people can be salespeople.

Good TIME to Invest

“Anytime you are convincing others to accept or agree with you and take some form of action, that is sales,” Cardone stated.

The conference will have the theme ‘Dominating the Market in Times of a Recession’.

“The recession is a good time to invest in business and people, because eventually things will pick up,” William Mahfood, chairman of the Wisynco Group, stated in a press release. Wisynco Group Limited is hosting the conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston. The conference will also feature several workshops and guest speakers, and is being hosted by the company’s Group Learning and Development Department.

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