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The Teenage Observer and Flow teams made their final stop at Belair High School on Saturday, May 17 to wrap-up the four-week CSEC lecture series tour. More than 800 students from schools in Kingston, St Catherine, Montego Bay and Mandeville benefited from the free maths and English CSEC workshops which were led by some of Jamaica’s top lecturers.

Some of the highlights included CSEC tips from master teacher and CSEC marker, Sonia Lee, free Wi-Fi from Flow at the workshops, as well as lots of cool prizes and giveaways from sponsors including Seprod, Scotiabank, KFC, Wisynco and National Bakery.

See what some of the participants and lead sponsors, teenAGE Observer and Flow, had to say about the workshops at the last-leg of the tour in Mandeville.

Nicole Campbell, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited

For the past four weeks I’ve been travelling around the island with the teenAGE Observer for the CSEC workshops to help prepare students for these important examinations. It has been nothing short of fantastic! Technology plays a major role in helping students achieve academic success and so we were happy to be the technology partners for the third year.

The workshops were powered with free Wi-Fi and we also demoed the online CSEC study tool to students. We are also very excited about the highlights feature which is set to debut on Flow TV next month. We want to wish students the best of luck in their maths and English exams this week!

Brenda Weathers, Youth Marketing Officer Jamaica Observer

At the Jamaica Observer, our mandate is to develop youth; we understand the value of eduation and these workshops are right in line with this mandate. Our students are the furture leaders and readers of the Observer, and what better way to invest our time and effort in ensuring that the nation’s children get the best possible exposure to be successful at these very important exams. We are especially grateful to all our sponsors who have partnered with us and wish the students all the very best in their coming exams.

Rohan Stern, Student Knox College

It was a great workshop…there were lots of reinforcements to what I had already learnt. I did both maths and English, and I ended up becoming the top student today in my English class. After today, I feel more than ready to take on my exams next week!

Jakeem Glanville, Student Belair High School

I think that today went very well. There are a few topics that I needed help with in maths, and I was able to accomplish that through this workshop. Over the next few days I will be watching maths videos on and browsing CSEC websites to assist me with my final preparations for the exams.

Jasmine Ogunbiyi, Student Belair High School

I learnt a few things in maths today but I wish I had a follow-up session. The English session, however, was really good. I got to focus on my weak areas, and I feel more confident about sitting the exam on Tuesday

De’vonai Dwyer, Student Belair High School

I did the maths workshop because that is the only subject I will be sitting this year in fourth form. I was able to work on a few of the topics that were challenging to me and so I was happy that I attended the workshop. I especially liked Mrs Lee’s pep talk this morning, as it mentally prepared me for the day as well as my exams this week.


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