Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

Island Grill teams with Wisynco

FAST food chain Island Grill has switched from Pepsi Jamaica to local Coca-Cola distributor Wisynco Group as its beverage supplier.

Wisynco has the largest non-alcoholic beverage portfolio on the island. The White Marl, St Catherine-based manufacturer and distributor recently acquired a 50 per cent stake in local juice maker Trade Winds Citrus, allowing it to completely round out its portfolio into a full complement of non-alcoholic beverages, from bottled water to sodas to juices.

Island Grill CEO Thalia Lyn told Sunday Finance that the move to partner with Wisynco is part of a broader strategy by the 19-restaurant fast food chain to have healthier product offerings.

“I am looking forward to the partnership because we are both true Jamaican companies and also the fact that we have seen a shift

from carbonated beverages to healthier, juice-based products,” Lyn said.

Wisynco has developed two new juice products for Island Grill: Mango Peach and Jamaican Limeade. Lyn expressed enthusiasm for the limeade flavour in particular.

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