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Wisynco’s “NEW” School Beverage Portfolio

Wisynco Schoo bevergaes

Wisynco continues to support educational institutions by improving health and lifestyles in schools through partnerships, education and sustainability programs.

Wisynco, as a part of the worldwide Coca-Cola System, is committed to the wellbeing of our consumers. Honouring the rights of parents and caregivers to make choices for their children is the cornerstone of our Responsible Marketing Practices. We believe in commercial-free classrooms for children, and respect parent and school decisions around what beverages are made available during school hours.

We recently announced our new school beverage portfolio that will be available to schools effective November 1, 2018. This is in addition to our existing Global School Beverages Guidelines and Responsible Marketing Policy. The intention of the Guidelines is that we would not engage in any commercial activity in primary, prep or secondary schools. According to our Responsible Marketing Policy, we do not place advertising in media where the audience is over 35% of children under 12 years old. This includes television, radio, print and, where data is available, the Internet and mobile phones.

For the Coca-Cola portfolio of beverages, we require a written request from schools requesting they would like to purchase products. If we have already received this letter from you for the previous communication of the policy, nothing will be required at this time from the school.

We are putting our consumers’ preferences and needs first offering different options of beverages that provide hydration and nutrition, we are making smaller, more convenient packages and we’re giving people the information they need to make truly informed choices. We apply the highest quality standards for our beverages and only use ingredients that are approved by local and international health authorities.

We will apply our Guidelines following the Ministry of Health Interim Guidelines for Beverages in all Schools: primary, prep, and secondary.
The Ministry of Health’s guideline permits:

  1. Water
  2. 100% fruit juices
  3. Low-no-calorie beverages

The portfolio of beverages will include: WATA, CranWATA, Coke Light Taste, Zero Sugar Coke, Powerade Zero, Minute Maid 100%, Tru-Juice 100%, Motts 100%, Welch 100% portfolio’s and select FRESHHH products; new products launched by Wisynco may be included in the future, granted that they follow the Ministry´s guidelines.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments via Customer Service (876) 665-9000.

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