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5M JMD to Calabar for fitness facility

Wisynco Group Limited (Wisynco) welcomes Calabar High into their school Loyalty Program with a $5 million JMD support toward exercising and sporting activities, and announces a change in their school beverage portfolio focused on hydration and nutrition.

On August 1, 2018, Calabar High and Wisynco signed a five-year agreement, giving $5 million JMD upfront for the renovation of the school’s gymnasium through their School Loyalty Program.

“This support from Wisynco is another aspect of our partnership. It is aimed directly at strengthening our sports programmes through the creation of a modern Gymnasium facility, which will further the development of our student athletes and broaden our reach in schoolboy sports. At the same time, our partnership will bring greater awareness of a healthier lifestyle, to our student and teacher population as well as the wider Calabar family. We thank Wisynco for their ongoing support,” says David Miller, President Calabar High School.
Wisynco provides a wide variety of high quality beverages and snack products to over six hundred and fifty schools across Jamaica, either directly to canteens or through our concessionaire partners. We also provide continued support to educational institutions and communities through sponsorships, educational and sustainability programs like ECO Club, Bigga Socially Aware, Sporting and our Loyalty Program.

Wisynco’s Loyalty Program uses a rebate generated from the schools purchases which can be used for scholarships, financial aid, school improvement projects (for example the purchase of appliances, sporting equipment, building of classrooms, green houses, courtyard aesthetic, and roof repair.

“These programs are far reaching and the benefits extend past those attending the school. The impact can be felt throughout surrounding communities and is a direct investment in youth development in sports. Over the last year alone, the Loyalty Program has seen monies paid directly to 49 schools in the sum of $17.5M JMD,” highlighted William Mahfood, Chairman of Wisynco Group Limited.
Another school that has benefited from the Loyalty program is St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS), who was gifted a set of stadium-style lights for the school’s athletic field in September 2017. The new lights have significantly helped with STETHS hosting tournament games such as the DaCosta Cup, which Wisynco’s #1 brand WATA, is the title sponsor this year.

Mr. Mahfood also saw befitting to use this occasion to speak about Wisynco’s beverage policy effective November 2018.

“Obesity is a complex problem, caused by several different factors, and as a total beverage company we [Wisynco] recognize we can contribute towards its solution. We encourage everyone to increase exercise as that is the primary way to ensure good health and simultaneously Wisynco will adjust the portfolio of beverages sold directly to Preparatory, Primary and Secondary school canteens and through our concessionaire partners across the country. Wisynco will only sell beverages that have a maximum of 6g of added sugar per 100ml, water, and 100% fruit juices,” says Mahfood.

This is in line with the current proposal from the Ministry of Health regarding the sale of beverages in schools that is expected to go into effect January 1, 2019.

The new portfolio includes WATA, CranWATA, Coke Light, Coca-Cola Zero, PowerAde Zero, Tru-Juice 100%, Tru-Juice Oranges, Motts 100% and Welch’s 100% juices. New products launched by Wisynco or through brands Wisynco distributes may be included in the future, granted that they meet the stipulated guidelines. The portfolio choice is also based on conversations with public health, diet and nutrition specialists, with industry professionals and institutions. The policy will apply to the canteens that purchase products directly from Wisynco and the school’s respective concessionaires. Our three major concessionaire partners Juici, Mothers, and Tastee are in support of our school policy and have committed to ensure total sector compliance for beverage sales to schools.

As for the other merchants, those that get their supplies at different points of sale (supermarkets, wholesale networks, for example) we invite you to participate in raising awareness and join the initiative to promote a balanced diet.

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