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New Energy Drink Launched

Wisynco Group Ltd has introduced another energy drink to market – Ironade.

However, the drink, which is being marketed in three flavours, is not formulated to provide maximum power like the company’s Boom energy drink, according to the chairman of the Wisynco Group, William Mahfood. Instead, it is targeted at people looking to have a “pick me up in the day”, as well as those with an active lifestyle.


Wisynco says the energy drink is expected to compete against products such as Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

Although not mentioned, the product is also likely to compete with Lucozade, another glucose-based product. The Ironade packaging is similar in design to Lucozade, a drink originating in England and which is sold on the local market.

“It’s is not an isotonic like Gatorade and iDrade; those are for putting back the salt and phosphate and so on in your body after exercising. It’s really not designed as a replenishment,” Mahfood told the Jamaica Observer.
The product is available in wild berry, orange and tropical, and was introduced on the local market a few weeks ago.

“We’ve had great comments about the taste, particularly because it has real fruit juice in it and it’s also glucose based. So if you were doing athletics, you may remember a lot of the coaches would give you for short-term energy a little glucose for a pick me up,” he said.

Already the drink is being distributed in over 3,000 locations across the island. Wisynco hopes to have the product retailed for $100 per bottle across the country.

Wisynco is also looking to have the product exported to the English-speaking Caribbean, and will begin exports to Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana by month end. The company will then turn its focus to markets in the Eastern Caribbean.

“It’s early days. Already we have gotten wide coverage and wide acceptance. People love the taste and we are very excited about the opportunity and the potential of this product,” he told the Caribbean Business Report.

At the opening of its distribution centre in September, Wisynco announced plans to build a beverage plant valued at US$8 million by March 2018 to increase production numbers by 50 per cent in order to take on the Caribbean.

The company has also started work on the construction of a 25,000-square-foot cold storage facility. Wisynco, in its initial public offering last month, also noted plans to form new distribution partnerships as well as the expansion of its manufacturing capacity to facilitate growth in all its current markets for existing and future projects.

Today the company distributes 110 brands with more than 4,000 different products, including beverages, grocery, and synthetic items.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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