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Wisynco Launches ECO-Foam

Taking the first step in the right direction, Wisynco Group Ltd through has moved to finalize plans to begin the production of ECO-foam – a biodegradable styrofoam with a chemical additive called masterbatch pellets made by ECM BioFilms.

Adding 1% of the pellets to its regular foam-making ingredients, results in a product that looks and behaves in the traditional way, but which is “fully biodegradable”.

This eco-foam is expected to break down into non-toxic derivatives of the input within nine months to five years.

President of ECM BioFilms Robert Sinclair (right), pours some of his company’s masterbatch pellets into William Mahfood’s palm. Mahfood is chairman of the Wisynco Group, which announced yesterday that it is now including the pellets in its polystyrene foam production process in order to make the finished product biodegradable. Observing Sinclair and Mahfood are Government senator Matthew Samuda (second left) and Wisynco’s director of manufacturing Devon Reynolds.
Director of Marketing Francois Chalifour speaks at the biodegradable styrofoam launch.
Eco-foam, a new product from the Wisynco Group Ltd, now includes additives in the production of its foam which will allow them to biodegrade faster. This will reduce the length of time it stays in the environment.



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