Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica



For 26 years Joan Willie endured the discomfort of living in a poorly built one-room house with a roof that leaks badly when it rains.

That ended last Friday when the 69-year-old woman received a house from local charity Food For the Poor (FFP).

“Thank you so much for doing this for me; I will sleep comfortably tonight,” Willie told FFP representatives at a presentation ceremony in Braeton Meadows, Portmore, St Catherine.

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom house was one of 30 built by FFP under its ‘Tan Ah Yuh Yard’ campaign designed to support the Government’s stay-at-home measure to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus.

The first 10 houses were sponsored by Wisynco’s Boom energy drink and are equipped with water storage tanks to further facilitate hygiene and sanitisation practices to help fight the spread of novel coronavirus.

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