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WATA® Takes Steps To Help Resolve Jamaica’s Water Woes

St. Catherine, Jamaica; Authentic Jamaican water brand, WATA® is taking steps to help ease Jamaicans of the repercussions of the scorching heat and daunting drought conditions this summer. The brand, bottled and distributed by Wisynco Group Limited, rolled out a first-time initiative on Friday, July 26 which saw the brand donating approximately 5000 cases of its three litre product to Jamaican households, equivalent to some 60,000 litres of the commodity welled from the “Isle of Springs” in St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Wisynco Marketing Officer, Tiffany Simmonds says “We are taking a proactive measure to help prepare households in vulnerable communities with the essential product.”

The plan is to distribute one case of WATA® each to households in areas across Kingston and St. Andrew between July 26 and August 30 where temperatures have risen to record highs of over 39 degrees Celsius or 102 degrees this summer.

Recent news reports have indicated that Caribbean territories should prepare for heat waves due to the impact that they could have on peoples’ health, including the risk of death.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is urging the region to take weather predictions seriously. “Weather forecasts for North America, Central America and the Caribbean predict heat waves during the summer of 2019. This could increase drought-induced stress, lead to forest fires, and have harmful effects on human health,” PAHO said.

According to Simmonds “We are concerned for the health and well beings of Jamaicans and want to also encourage them to keep themselves and family members hydrated. We are even more pleased to offer Jamaican families free access to WATA® that is packed with pure natural goodness, and some added essential minerals. WATA® maintains the highest international standards, because our product goes through a stringent filtering process of carbon purification, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection, and ozonation. Simply put, it’s just refreshing.”

In addition to health issues which can result from dehydration, Wisynco acknowledges that the initiative will also help to appease other issues stemming from the widespread drought conditions facing Jamaicans. This, resulting in water lock-offs by the National Water Commission due to inadequate supplies.

Jamaica's water problem

“Some communities have seen no water in their pipes for weeks; and families still have to conduct critical day to day activities. Meals have to be prepared, facilities and infrastructure need to be cleaned and general hygienic practices still have to be upheld. We are rolling out this project because at WATA® we believe we are all one people and we all must do our part to do good for others,” shared Simmonds.

The community of Trench Town was the first stop for the initiative based on a partnership with comedian Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis, who is from the Kingston 12 area. WATA® will also partner with several other local influencers such as Agent Sasco, Devin Di Dakta, Qraig from the duo Voicemail, Wayne Marshall and Elephant Man who have personal concerns for communities with which they are aligned for them to personally deliver the precious commodity.

Simmonds is inviting Jamaicans to get involved in the cause by sending a direct message via WATA®’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages @OfficalWATA to help identify other communities in need of donations.

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