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WATA Sustainability Competition

WATA Sustainability Competition

Criteria for final listing

  • Schools should indicate their interest via email to by October 17th.
  • Only secondary schools will be eligible to apply.
  • Only the 10 schools selected will be eligible to continue to phase two and receive funds to implement project.
  • Applications must include a brief description of project. Application form will be provided
  • Funds will be disbursed directly to the school and MUST be used for project implementation.
  • Projects should be implemented between January and March 2017
  • Internal briefing session will be done for schools sales team by a brand team member on September 16th
  • If required, Regional Manager and Promotions Supervisors and schools reps must be prepared to present competition to schools administrative team along with trained BAs and brand team representative

Additional Rules/Criteria

  • Schools can only enter one category
  • Project must be sustainable over a 2-year period (minimum)
  • All projects must have a clear educational benefit
  • Schools are not allowed to request assistance from any third parties. Work carried out must be done by students, administrative staff and community members from immediate surrounding areas.
  • Project implemented must be directly related to schools needs in terms of conservation, energy or environmental practices
  • WATA field team will schedule visits with each of the participating schools during project implementation phase.

Click here to Download Application form

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