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Unsung Heroes – Jamaica

This is the story of how a doctor and a worker came together to save lives in Jamaica. Natalie Whylie and Victor Henry used PET bottles and plastic tubes to create spacers to enhance the accuracy and delivery of airway medications for Covid-19 patients at Kingston Public Hospital.

“When the first Covid-19 case was announced, I said, ‘This is it.’ And we got going in terms of hospital response”, says Dr. Whylie, Senior Medical Officer at Kingston Hospital, Jamaica.

One of her main concerns was how they would change the way patients were treated since they would need more spacers, devices used for treating asthmatics. The answer was in PET bottles.

One of Dr. Whylie´s colleagues sent her a photo showing how bottles were adapted as spacers, and that’s when she contacted Victor. “When it was brought to our attention, we did not hesitate, we were willing to go along with this initiative,” said Victor. Within a few days, he sent videos to Dr. Whylie of how spacers could be built.


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