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Unclaimed Benefits

Have you worked with Wisynco Group Limited and made contributions to the Pension Plan but did not make a decision regarding your funds?

The Wisynco Group Limited Pension Plan, which was established in 1987, is registered and approved by the Financial Services Commission. As persons separate from Wisynco Group Limited (WGL) and stop contributing to the WGL Pension Plan, they are required to provide instructions on how the Administrators are to treat the funds they would have contributed into the Plan. As an approved Pension Plan, the Pension Regulations require that the Plan attempts to contact persons who have Unclaimed Benefits in the Plan. If you have not exercised your options after eights (8) weeks of termination from the Pension Plan, please check the list provided for your name. The Trustees of the WGL Pension Plan is seeking to make contact with persons who appear on the list. If your name appears on this list or if you know and are in contact with someone whose name is on this list, please make contact with the Human Resources Department for guidance/instructions.

Anderson, Candice
Andrews, Antonio
Answer, Nigel
Armstrong, Jerome
Baccas, Jacqualine
Bascoe, Damion
Bassant, Ricardo
Baxter, Raymond
Beckford, Alvey
Berley, Livingston
Bish, John
Black, Warren
Blake, Krystel
Blake, Nardia
Blake, Omar
Boothe, Collin
Bowra, Diana
Bramwell, Stephanie
Brown, Hugh
Brown, Jovian
Brown, Keno
Brown, Landel
Brown, Shelina
Bryan, Maxine
Bryan, Paul
Bryan-Millwood, Nekeisha
Buchanan, Marcus
Campbell, Dorrenton
Campbell, Kelvin
Chambers, Faydel
Charles, Odinga
Chin, Leon
Christie, Kenroy
Chung, Sheryl
Clarke, Clive
Clarke, Fatri
Clarke, Jasmine
Cole, Kayla
Cole, Leon
Coley, Lloyd
Colthirst, Lancelot
Craig, Shaveno
Crooks, Robert
Cunningham, Lloyd
Daley, Francene
Davis, Heron
Davis, Lenford
Davis, Okice
De-Carrey, Sherriff

Dennis, Damion
Dennis, Shandee
Dias, Aaron
Dixon, Oneil
Dixon, Steve
Douglas, Kensworth
Douglas, Maurice
Downs, Leonard
Duncan, Shani
Dyer, Denise
Edwards, Antoinette
Edwards, Ricardo
Ellis, Jennifer
Ellis, Ronald
Ennevor, Christopher
Evans, Gregg
Ferguson, Fabian
Ferguson, Nicola
Flash, Terence
Flowers, Cornell
Folkes, Vivene
Forbes, Trevor
Foster, Valerie
Francis, Clyde
Francis, Hopeton
Francis, Michaela
Fung, Michael
Fung, Trevor
Gibson, Kemar
Gillette, Lorraine
Golding, Cecil
Gordon, Damion
Goulbourne, Carlos
Gowdie, Nathaniel
Graham, Margaret
Graham, Margaret
Graham, Osmond
Grant, Samantha
Grant, Steven
Gray, Delores
Gunter, Alphanso
Hamilton, Michael
Hanson, Sheldon
Hemmings, Trevor
Henry, Earl
Henry, Godfrey
Hines, Kirk
Holness, Kevin

Issac, Pauline
Issacs, Lenford
Jarrett, Denesha
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Dean
Johnson, Jermaine
Jordon, Veronica
Kay, Kiesha
Keddo, Oshane
Kelly, Garner
Kentish, Dewayne
Landle, Joseph
Langott, Sanjay
Lawrence, Anthony
Lawrence, Ava-Gaye
Lawrence, Douglas
Leach, Patrick
Lee, Delroy
Lennon, Marvin
Lewis, Avril
Lewis, Nasieve
Lewis, Stanford
Lynch-Murray, Sophia
Marshall, Aneisha
Marshall, Ricardo
Mason, Maureen
Masters, Courtney
Mattis, Wilton
McCallum, Richard
McGaw, Wayne
McIntosh, Hakeem
McKay, Gladstone
McNish, Kevin
McPherson, Deon
Messam, Charmaine
Mitchell, Dayshand
Moncrieffe, Ted
Moodie, Lawrence
Moore, Ruiz
Morgan, Oneil
Morgan, Ricardo
Morrison, Dorine
Morsby, Andrew
Moulton, Fidel
Muir, Keveare
Mullings, Pansia
Murphy, Dainion
Myrie, Jermaine

Nelson, Daniel
Nelson, Marsha
Nolan, Stacey Ann
Oakley, Jermaine
Palmer, Richard
Panton, Jermaine
Panton, Maurice
Parchment, Marvin
Patrickson, Debbie
Peterkin, Courtney
Phillips, Paulette
Phillips, Ramone
Pink, Khary
Pinnock, Shawn
Pollack, Janett
Porter, Delroy
Porter, Michael
Powell, Miguel
Powell, Mikhail
Pryce, Donnohue
Pryce, Leon
Redwood, Roxana
Reece, Denise
Reece, Latoya
Rennis, Ralph
Richards, Jesse
Richards, Michael
Richards, Orlando
Richmond, Sushannah
Riley, Valentine
Roach, Horace
Robinson, Dave
Rochester, Phillip
Samuels, Richard
Scott, Headson
Scott, Ricardo
Simpson, Daniel
Sinclair, Mark
Sinclair, Theresa
Skervin, Garfield
Smikle, Kitony
Smith, Albert
Smith, Desrine
Smith, Edward
Smith, Joan
Smith, Milton
Smith, Sheldon
Smith, Stefan

Smith, Tashany
Stanley, Anthony
Stephens, Sadeek
Stephenson, Orane
Sterling, Bryan
Sterling, Lerone
Stewart, Benjamin
Stewart, Maxine
Suckoo, Kevin
Suckoo, Renique
Symes, Claire
Taylor, Eyanthia
Taylor, Godfrey
Taylor, Myrtle
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Valdin
Taylor-Adamson, Jacqueline
Thomas, Damion
Thomas, Denise
Thompson, Collette
Thompson, Dion
Thompson, Tahvaun
Thompson, Timothy
Vanderleer, Fayenne
Vassell, Nickel
Walker, Sean
Watson, Renee
Waugh, Shane
Webley, Jerome
Weir, Donnalee
Wheeler, Kemar
White, Marlene
Whyte, Darren
Williams, Carlene
Williams, Christopher
Williams, Damion
Williams, Dionne
Williams, Ricardo
Williams, Selvin
Willis, Sherril
Wilson, Sadikie
Wint, Raheem
Wisdom, Jermaine
Worghs, Leroy
Wright, Shanroe
Wynter, Carlene
Young, Malko
Zacca, Ashley

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