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The New Pineapple-Ginger

Coming off of a phenomenal year of double-digit sales growth, the Wisynco Group Limited is positioning one of Jamaica’s few iconic indigenous brands, BIGGA Soft Drinks, as a contributor to the company’s continued success.

The manufacturing and distribution giant has great optimism around the brand’s latest innovation: Pineapple-Ginger.

Some three years into development prior to its recent introduction to the market, the new flavour, available in 355ml and 600ml, is already finding ready acceptance on Jamaican palates.

According to Wisynco’s Brand Manager for BIGGA, Keteisha McHugh, the new product is a blend of the brand’s two top flavours.

“Consumers know BIGGA as having many delicious flavour options and we want to continue live up to that expectation. We know that ginger is a perennial favourite among Jamaicans, and that pineapple is also very popular, so the idea to combine the two tastes had an immediate appeal for us to create a new flavour experiences for our consumers,” she said.

Early response from the market indicates that McHugh’s sentiment is well-founded.

So much so that Pineapple-Ginger is set to join Jamaica Kola, Grape, Cream Soda, Apple and Fruit Punch and the aforementioned Ginger Beer as a permanent offering.

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