Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

Wisynco holds the title of the largest plastic and foam manufacturer in the English speaking Caribbean. The Wisynco plastics and foam product line is reflective of the many years of research and care which had gone into the production of our environmentally friendly range of synthetics. Our roots lay in the heart of this art and with years of experience we can assure you that we have left no stone unturned in order to deliver you with a product of the highest standards. Products include:
·        Straws- Sani wrapped and plain
·        Bags- High and low density trash bin liners
·        Plastic cups- 7oz. 9oz., 12oz., and 16oz.
·        Injection molded items-
·        Buffet forks, buffet spoons
·        Picnic spoons
·        Soup Spoons
·        Foam containers
·        16oz. round
·        Hinged boxes- 1,2,3 compartment (L, M, S and mini)
·        Hamburger boxes
·        Egg cartons (not printed) 6 and 12 cells
·        Meat and product trays (#1, #1.5, #2, #2S, #4S, #4D, #10S, #3P, #4P and #8P
·        Plates (10.25”, 9” and 6”)
·        HDPE Bottles (475ML, 945ML, 1.89L and 3.89L)

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