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Schoolgirl footballers support Reggae Girlz against Panama

According to the Jamaica Football Federation, Sunday’s crowd at the National Stadium was the largest to date for a Reggae Girlz match in Jamaica. The crowd included over five hundred schoolgirl footballers and their coaches who travelled from all over the island courtesy of WATA, to attend and support the Reggae Girlz as they take on Panama in their final home game before competing in their maiden FIFA World Cup in France.

Wisynco Reggae Girls 2019

Jamaica scored three goals to Panama’s one, while the enthusiastic and adoring fans including the schoolgirl footballers cheered them on while celebrating each goal.

The schoolgirl footballers and their coaches from twenty-three high schools across the island that compete in the ISSA Schoolgirl Football Competition attended the Reggae Girlz vs Panama match at the National Stadium

Before the match began, the schoolgirl footballers were treated to a ‘WATA Girlz Football Showcase’ which featured a nutrition talk by Kamila McDonald who stressed the importance of hydration, good nutrition, adequate sleep and a winning attitude, to good performance on the field. The interactive session included a display of football skills and a test of the knowledge of the schoolgirl footballers of the Reggae Girls exploits on the way to qualifying for the World Cup, among other activities.

The corporate area is well known for its love and support of football with several corporate area-based schools attending the match courtesy of WATA. They include this year’s champion Excelsior High, runner-up Denham Town, Wolmer’s Girls, Meadowbrook, Clan Carthy and Merl Grove, Pembroke Hall, St. Andrew Technical, Edith Dalton James, Pewood and Campion.

The other schools came from parishes across the island from as far as Frome Technical in Westmoreland, Spot Valley in St. James, St. Elizabeth Technical, Holmwod, Christiana and Mile Gully out of Manchester while St. Catherine was well represented with Jonathan Grant (quarter finalist) , Old Harbour and Spanish Town High. St. Mary Technical, Kemps Hill and Garvey Maceo were also in attendance.

Wisynco Reggae Girls 2019

According to Wisynco’s Senior Marketing and Public Relations Manager Tamara Ward, “The WATA Football Showcase is all about Girl Power! We are celebrating the achievements of our Reggae Girlz and the dedication of our ISSA Schoolgirls football teams to sports. We intended to inspire the ladies through a fun and healthy social interaction amongst their peers that builds confidence, team spirit, motivates them to make the right decisions and find balance in their nutrition habits. We are thrilled to have made this experience possible for forty-five teams or over eight hundred young girls.”

WATA is the hydration sponsor of the JFF’s senior men, women and grassroots programme. This sponsorship has been on-going for over fifteen years. During that time the company has been a major sponsor of multiple FIFA World Cup campaigns for the Reggae Boyz and now the Reggae Girlz as they prepare to compete in the FIFA World Cup for the first time.

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