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Recycle Week Set For June 4-9

As one of many efforts to bring light to the importance of responsible waste management, Wisynco launches Recycle Week. The campaign will run over the period June 4-9, which is National Environment Awareness Week. The aim is to collect 200,000 bottles islandwide, the weeklong event promises to be a vital step toward raising awareness and providing outlets to make recycling more accessible.

Partnering with over twelve (12) retailers islandwide, Wisynco ECO is positioning collection points at the various partners across Jamaica. The lineup features the city centers of Kingston, Montego Bay, Portmore, May Pen, and the town of Junction, St Elizabeth.

Customers are encouraged to take as many bottles as possible, as persons with the most bottles qualify for awesome prizes. Branch ambassadors will be available at each of our partners to assist customers with their drop-offs as well as to answer any questions you may have on recycling. As we make an effort to play our part in ensuring Jamaica has a sustainable future, we also ask customers to play their part by sharing the campaign on social media and word of mouth, and primarily by turning out in your numbers to support the cause. Let’s use Recycle Week to start a Recycle revolution in Jamaica.

Stores  Location Execution Days
Lee’s Food Fair- Red Hills Kingston June 4- 5
General Foods – Liguanea Kingston June 4- 5
Shoppers’ Fair – Washington Blvd Kingston June 6-7
John R. Wong – New Kingston Kingston June 6-7
Progressive – Harbour View Kingston June 6-7
Quintex Value Mart May  Pen June 6-7
Joong’s Supermarket Portmore June 6-7
Progressive – Sovereign Village Portmore June 6-7
Progressive Foods – Bogue Montego Bay June 8-9
Progressive – Whitter Village Montego Bay June 8-9
Shoppers Fair Beckford Street Sav la Mar June 8-9
Progressive – Junction St. Elizabeth June 8-9



Wonderful idea, but the drop off centres inadequate.
What about Spanish Town? We use plastics too.
The plastics are bulky to travel with.
There is a Shoppers Fair by the corner of Eltham Parkway and Brunswick Avenue.

Customer Service

Hi Terry,

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach everyone in just one week. Keep up with us for other projects like this or feel free to contact the Recycling Partners of Jamaica who can advise you further on where you can drop off your plastics.

Excellent but the drop off points are so wide apart and i have like four garbage bags of bottles. In christiana, i dont drive.

Customer Service

Hi Rachel,

Feel free to contact the Recycling Partners of Jamaica for more details on where you can drop off your plastics.

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