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The Recycle Challenge competition was launched in 2018 to increase awareness and assist organizations to become more environmentally conscious and to make recycling a habit in their employees’ daily lives. Through our partnership with these companies, we were able to spark a conversation and a call to action around proper recycling in the hopes of influencing our nation.
In each staging, six companies were invited to participate for a chance to win $200,000 for a charity of their choice. The competitors were very enthusiastic and surpassed their targets. Companies focused on staff engagement, sensitization, and collections incentives, which ultimately led to the implementation of new office recycling habits. The campaign was able to influence the behaviors of those involved while shaping and motivating others. The Recycle Challenge was deemed a success with over 1 million bottles collected.
We continue to work with and applaud the companies we collaborated with:
• ZIP FM (1st round winners)
• Fidelity Motors
• Chad-Ad Distributors
• The Gleaner Company
• Chilitos JAMexican Food
• Tankweld
• CB Group (2rd round winners)
• Stewart’s Automotive Group
• Jamaica Observer
• 100 Hope Road
• Digicel
• Nationwide News Network
• Kingston Freeport Terminal
• Island Routes
• FLOW (3rd round winners)
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