Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

Join the recycle revolution!

Is there an area in your community in need of a clean-up? We want to help!

Share your images of an area you think deserves a clean-up and why, for a chance to have Wisynco ECO assist you. It’s that easy! Winner(s) will be randomly selected.

1. You MUST tag @wisynco in your post in order to be considered.
2. All entries MUST use the hashtags #WisyncoECO and #RecyclingPlasticFeelsFantastic
3. Posts MUST include the name of the town and parish.

Competition ends on Friday, July 20th.


Antoinette Spencer

I didn’t have a community in mind. I was more concerned about pollution in our waters; namely the Kingston Waterfront. Its in a really bad state. Filled with plastic bottles. I would appreciate the help.

Customer Service

Hi Antoinette,

Enter the challenge by following the instructions for a chance to be selected and let’s start a recycle revolution!

Can this work for a school?

Customer Service

Hi Chrissy,

Yes. You can share images of your school or surrounding areas.

Hi, I dont have a community in mind but I would like to volunteer. How would I go about that?

Customer Service

Hi Courtnie,

Please send us an email at

How do I or where do I sign up to volunteer to clean up these different sites.

Customer Service

Hi Eli,

You can enter out the public challenge for a chance to have Wisynco assist you in your very own clean-up. You can also contact organizations such as NEPA, Recycling Partners of Jamaica or Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica to see how you can be a part of their projects.

caroline beckford

Hi, i dont have a community in need of clean up but i wanted to start recycling at home and wanted to encourage my neighbours to join me.

HOw do i start and where would i take my plastics?


Customer Service

Hi Caroline,

You can start by purchasing bags & bins then separating your plastics at home in these bags and bins. Please visit for a list of locations where you can make your drop-offs. If a location is not listed in your parish, feel free to contact the Recycling Partners of Jamaica for more details on where you can them to be recycled.

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