Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

PM Visits Foam and Bottling Plant

On Tuesday, October 19, the Wisynco family hosted Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, alongside members of the government, the Jamaica Manufacturer Association (JMA), the National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA) and other representatives to a tour of the foam and bottling plant in White Marl, St. Catherine. The tour which came in light of the recent talk about the ban of plastic Styrofoam in Jamaica highlighted our role in creating a better Jamaica by using biodegradable additives in production.

As the largest producers of styrofoam and plastic in Jamaica, we have a vested interest in discussions that surround economic and environmental impact of these products as there are currently talks that surround the possible ban of plastic bags and styrofoam. While we are fully onboard with any initiative that encourages proper waste management, it is important to take a wholistic view look at the impact of this ban on consumers and employees.
– William Mahfood, Chairman of Wisynco Group Ltd


At Wisynco, we have been producing styrofoam and plastic containers for about 50 years. The production of the material has proven to be quite beneficial to the country over the years as it offers a low-cost solution for small businesses and consumers. On the other hand, Wisynco has been conducting research on ways to minimize the environmental impact of Styrofoam. One of the best options includes offering other environmentally friendly alternatives that will overall cost more than foam, which will likely affect the consumer and small business entities down the line. Another option would be to take care of the environment through the proper disposal of waste.


The proper handling of waste disposal would be the more viable solution, considering the limited spending power of the consumer today. All Jamaicans should endeavor to do their part to limit the harm done to the environment through adopting a green, eco-friendly lifestyle and disposing of waste properly.

Wisynco Eco is one such way that our company has pledged to participate in making our environment better. So as foam and plastic container producers, we will do our part, however, we implore the Jamaican population to also do their part to keep our beautiful island pollution free.



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