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Wisynco Group INVESTS OVER JMD$1.5 BILLION IN NEW production for Wata

(Kingston, Jamaica) On Friday August 24th, WISYNCO through its mega brand WATA, announces new production of bottles with 50% less plastic, continuing our consistent efforts to reduce our environmental impact and champion the movement towards a more sustainable Jamaica. Since the product was launched in 2002, WATA has continued to invest to revolutionize packaging. To date, the brand has reduced the amount of plastic used in Wata bottles by 50% while still maintaining the same refreshing properties, look and feel that Jamaicans love. The new packaging will include a new easy-open cap, wider mouth and a variety of sizes and multipacks for added convenience.

Wisynco Group, the largest beverage manufacturing company in the English-speaking Caribbean is proud to be able to consistently invest in the most modern technology available while maintaining a real focus on minimizing our environmental impact for the countries future benefit in the most sustainable way.

CEO, Andrew Mahfood stated: “Wisynco has always been a leader in the environmental revolution and committed to reducing our environmental impact. The company has spearheaded numerous environmental initiatives such as the ongoing WISYNCO ECO Challenge, which involves and educates corporate Jamaica on recycling efforts. Wisynco has and will continue to extend these efforts into schools with the WATA Sustainability Programme, launching in schools this September. “

Consumers can look out for this new packages island-wide, and know they are doing their part in the recycling revolution by not only purchasing these new 50% less plastic bottles but by recycling them appropriately. Learn more about WATA and the Wisynco Group on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @wisynco and @OfficialWATA.

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