Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

New Ackee Village Deal Signed

WISYNCO has officially signed an agreement formalizing their partnership with the Portmore Municipality Corporation and the St. Catherine Parish Council to create a designated area for vendors located in Ackee Village.

The new development will relocate vendors from the makeshift stalls located along the bridge which connects Mandela Highway to Greater Portmore and the St. Catherine area. Units with electricity and running water will be created as a rest stop for those traveling pass the Lakes Pen area.

“Ackee Village is the main gateway to our municipality,” said Mayor Leon Thomas as he joined the WISYNCO team to sign the partnership agreement. In addition to building vendor units, the area will get a face-lift with new signs, a recreation area, and plants.

“WISYNCO has invested a lot of time and money in the development here at the gateway to Portmore,” said William Mahfood, chairman of WISYNCO. “Through this partnership, the area will gain the visibility that residents working and living in the area can be proud of.”

WISYNCO’s Lakes Pen offices represent a large source of business for the St. Catherine area. With a new building currently under construction, the distribution company will soon own the largest distribution centre in the Caribbean and employ over 1,000 persons. “We believe that this new construction will entice both visitors to the area and our WISYNCO employees to patronize local produce vendors while providing a safe and convenient rest stop for motorists,” said Mahfood.

The first phase of the Ackee Village development is slated to open mid-July. This development will also partner with WISYNCO’s Environmental Care Brand, WISYNCO ECO, which includes installing recycling bins to be utilized by passers-by and vendors.


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