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Margaritaville Renews Partnership

On Friday, March 10, the Wisynco Group signed a renewed contract with the Margaritaville Caribbean Group which gives the company exclusive rights to all non-alcoholic beverages sold at locations under the Margaritaville Caribbean Group for the next 3 years (2017-2020). An official signing of the partnership was held at the Margaritaville Caribbean Group Head Office and signed by William Mahfood, Chairman, Wisynco Group Ltd and Ian Dear, Chief Executive Officer, Margaritaville Caribbean Group.

Margaritaville has been in partnership with Coca-Cola since 1995 and by extension Wisynco’s partner since 2006. Margaritaville currently has 7 locations across the island in, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, Falmouth Pier and in the Donald Sangster International Airport. Margaritaville (Express Catering) is also the franchise holder of 32 other restaurants within the Donald Sangster International Airport, and which also falls under the renewed partnership agreement.

“Today Margaritaville Caribbean Group Limited is one of the powerhouse companies in Jamaica with over 40 locations across the island in multiple platforms and multiple different brands. Ian and his team have really done a phenomenal job, in 22 years what they have done to a large extent mirrors the work that we have done in our beverage business and to be aligned and growing together has really been a tremendous feat. We are really happy to be a part of this organization through the partnership with Coca-Cola and the Wisynco Beverage portfolio,” stated William Mahfood, Chairman of Wisynco Group Ltd.

The Wisynco Group through its brands including Coca-Cola, Tru Juice, Wata and Bigga Soft Drinks will continue their relationship with the Margaritaville Caribbean Group as the brand’s official beverage partner. The two companies will also continue to partner on many yearly activations that entertain and engage tourists and Jamaicans across the island. The relationship between the two companies spans a 22 year relationship, which they further strengthened in 2006, when Wisynco became a part of the Coca-Cola system.

“It with great pleasure that Margaritavile Caribbean Group continues what has been a phenomenal partnership with Wisynco. It has been over 20 years with Wisynco and now the addition of Coca-Cola which started in 2006. When we look back at both organizations and our parallel growth – it is amazing to see how far we have actually come. The level of service that Wisynco represents to us as a group is really second to none. Their level of commitment and support across our different brands and our business over the period has been simply phenomenal and we are really appreciative of the continued growth and partnership that is being demonstrated here today. This gives us a great opportunity and much excitement for our organizations to continue our efforts of partnership and our patrons and our partners in the community. We are here to deliver the “best day ever”, one smile at a time to every single guest, and certainly Wisynco and Coca-Cola represents that to us as partners. We look forward to the continued growth in improving our customers experience and at the end of the day an improved Tourism product,” stated Ian Dear, CEO Margaritaville Caribbean Group.

Mahfood added, “We thank Margaritaville Caribbean Group for the continued to support Jamaica and to a truly Jamaican company just as the Margaritaville Caribbean Limited is really a truly Jamaican company with Jamaican employees, Jamaican brands and some International brands as well, and we are happy to be a part of one of the fastest growing entertainment businesses in the Tourism sector. We look forward to many more years of partnership.”


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