Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

Let’s Get Serious About Recycling

I am responding, as I certainly feel is my duty, to Phillip Alexander’s letter as published in the June 24 edition of this newspaper.

Let me first say that I personally share Mr Alexander’s passionate concern for the environment that sustains us and this is one of the values that guides our team here at Wisynco.

To the specific concerns raised, I will begin with the environmental levy, which was first introduced by the Government of Jamaica in 2005 with a subsequent update on locally manufactured goods in 2015. Arising from this levy, billions of dollars flow to the Government through the purchase of all forms of finished goods and packaging. The aim of that levy is to provide funds to, among other things, ensure reliable waste collection and deal with issues such as drain blockage, etc.

Mr. Alexander speaks near the end of his letter to the responsibility of Parliament in these matters. Between the lawmakers and the municipal corporations, there is certainly much to answer for and much work to be done. In the meantime, funds are already being collected. Let us all be more vigilant in seeking answers from our officials regarding the use of these funds.

Read more at the Jamaica Gleaner. 

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