Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

International Coastal Cleanup Day

A cool morning stroll on the beach will lead to a spectacle of sorts. From seagulls diving for fish in the distance, to clippy little crabs hiding in their burrows after discovering a passerby, there’s much to see at the marine playground that both children and adults love so much. Oh, but there’s more! Walk along just a little further and you will find other unspeakable treasures. Discarded bottles, bottle caps, sandals, beer bottles, and an array of other items like toilet bowls and old refrigerators stick out from the serene environment like a sore thumb.

The Clean Coasts Project, led by The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET), with the support of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) have taken a stance in fighting poorly handled waste and its effect of the environment and public health by hosting a number of environmental efforts including beach cleanups.

Wisynco Group Ltd., through their Eco component wanted in on the fun and joined JET on Saturday, September 17th for the International Coastal Cleanup Day. The Wisynco family, alongside other volunteers showed up in high spirits bright and early Saturday morning to begin their retrieval and proper disposal of heaping waste at the beaches across the island. These include Fisherman’s Beach, more popularly known as Hellshire Beach and Fort Rocky, Palisadoes. These beaches become overrun with trash because of improper disposal of items that end up in drains and flow off land only to end up on Jamaica’s treasured coastline.

The Wisynco family was happy to be a part of such an impactful eco-based response. All are encouraged to join the Wisynco Eco effort by recycling and keeping the environment clean.

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