Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

10 Million collected in “2019/2020”

Wisynco’s ECO Club recycling competition is in its 4th year. The competition has grown from a mere 15 schools in the 2016/17 school year to over 110 schools for the current 2019/20 school year. The campaign is guided under the theme RECYCLING PLASTIC, FEELS FANTASTIC to emphasize the importance of having fun while making recycling a lifestyle and habit within the school community. This campaign encourages not only the students and the administrative body of participating schools but also the surrounding communities to get involved.
The aim of this initiative is to increase awareness and actions towards recycling and plastic bottle recovery. We hope that this initiative will provide the following benefits for your school:
  • Sensitize students on recycling/waste management best practices which they will continue into adulthood;
  • Support environmental awareness in the schools and surrounding communities.
  • Create fun and exciting ways for students, teachers and the community to recycle.
Over the years, as a result of communities getting involved, we have seen a significant increase in the overall volume of bottles collected.
2018/19: 64 schools collected over 8 million bottles
2017/18: 32 schools collected over 1.3 million bottles
2016/17: 15 schools collected 1.5 million bottle
Through the Eco Club, awareness of recycling has amplified in the participating schools and surrounding communities through the sensitization done by the students and administrative body.
Participating schools are gifted with the tools necessary to get them started on their recycling journey; bags, bins and gloves. The schools that recover the most bottles win cash prizes towards environmental and worthwhile projects within the school.
This year (2019/20), the Wisynco Eco Club has exploded to a whopping 110 schools across 14 Parishes. Join in collecting as many plastic bottles as possible as we aim to recover 15 Million Bottles island-wide.

Competition Mechanics

PHASE 1 (September to December)

COMPETITION: Attend/Host a Beach Clean-up + School sensitization.

PHASE 2 (January – March)

COMPETITION: Bottle Drive.

PHASE 3 (April – June)

COMPETITION: Bottle Drive.

Overall Winners

1st Prize $200k

2nd Prize $100k

3rd Prize $75k


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