Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica


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Eco Troopers are Wisynco staff volunteers, who are not only innovators in their work lives but in their commitment to the environment. Internally, our Troopers lead the charge to increase environmental awareness and encourage staff members to recycle at work and home.
Externally, our Eco Troopers actively participate in helping Jamaicans learn more and practice recycling through:
1. Hosting and participating at beach cleanups,
2. Onboarding schools (outside of the Eco Club),
3. Help communities and customer set up recycling in their areas
4. Host a friendly internal competition we have coined “Bokkle Wars”. Stay tuned for Bokkle Wars 2.0 (in 2020)
Wisynco’s annual initiatives are highlighted by more than 19 years of bottle collection and hydration support on International Coastal Cleanup Day. This is a staple in the Troopers calendar of events.
ECO Troopers will also play an active role in helping the nation achieve its goal of planting 3million trees in the next three years. On National Tree Planting Day (2019) the team distributed 100 seedlings with more activities planned for 2020.
The Troopers teams under their leaders’ guidance have also sensitized schools outside of ECO Club on the benefits of recycling and have adopted two schools Horizon Park Primary and Homestead Primary.
Each year the Eco Troopers challenge themselves to do better than they did the year before. This year’s goal is to collect 2 million bottles. Join us on this journey. Start recycling today. Ask us how.
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