Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

ECO Club School Competition

Wisynco Eco Club is partnering with 35 of our exclusive loyalty schools for the second staging of the Eco Club Recycling Campaign. Schools, parents, and students are asked to collect as many plastic (PETE & HDPE) bottles as possible for a chance to win prizes and gifts.

One of the key aims of the project is to help students become better citizens by instilling in them the need to recycle. We hope that the project will provide the following benefits for your school:
 Help students develop a habit of recycling which they will continue into adulthood;
 Help reduce the volume of plastic bottles that are improperly disposed of in Jamaica;
 Support environmental awareness in the school and surrounding communities.

See below for a list of participating schools islandwide.

Primary Schools

  • Ardenne Preparatory
  • Calabar Primary & Junior High
  • Green Island Primary (Hanover)
  • Harrison Memorial Preparatory & High
  • Harrison Preparatory
  • Holy Family Primary
  • St. Andrew Preparatory
  • St. Peter & Paul Preparatory
  • Vaz Preparatory
  • Waterford Primary

Secondary Schools

  • Alpha High School
  • Ardenne High School
  • Bridgeport High School
  • Calabar High School
  • Campion College
  • Charlemont High School
  • Clan Carty High School
  • Cornwall College
  • Denbigh High School
  • Eltham High
  • Ewarton High School
  • Glenmuir High School
  • Haile Selassie High School
  • Hillel Academy High
  • Immaculate Conception High School
  • Jonathan Grant High School
  • Montego Bay High School
  • Papine High School
  • Queens High School
  • Spanish Town High School
  • St. Andrew College
  • St. Andrew High For Girls
  • St. George’s College
  • St. Jago High School
  • Waterford High School



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