Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

CranWata’s Musical Contribution

The cadet unit from Jose Marti Technical High School made a courtesy call at the WISYNCO Corporate Offices to honour the CranWATA Brand. The St. Catherine-based school organized a parade of appreciation after CranWATA donated funds to purchase musical instruments for the group’s drum corps.

“If I could grade CranWATA out of a hundred, I would give them a hundred and fifty. We are grateful that they came onboard. That is why we are here today and we cannot thank them enough,” said Lieutenant Clive Levy, Officer in Charge of the Jose Marti Technical cadet unit. The musical arm of the cadet unit, a part of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force (JCCF), is now better outfitted to excel in upcoming inspections.

As a part of the parade, the WISYNCO team was able to inspect the newly outfitted colour guard. “This is, in fact, a WOW moment that we will forever cherish,” said Africa Donaldson, Brand Manager for WATA and CranWATA.  “I am extremely happy that we were able to assist in this way. We were greatly entertained and amazed by the cohesiveness of the group. The nation’s youth are truly important to us and so we make it our point of duty to support them in whatever way we can.”


“WISYNCO is dedicated to making an effective change in Jamaican society,” said Francois Chalifour, who was proud to see how the new instruments had uplifted the spirits of the cadets. “WISYNCO endeavors to support activities that uplift youth because reaching them plays a pivotal role in Jamaica’s future. We want to see this country grow, crime drop, and young persons thrive.”

The goal of the JCCF is to give youths a feeling of stability and purpose. The aim is not to produce a highly trained soldier but to present the cadets with challenges that will develop the powers of leadership and qualities of character valuable to both civilians and soldiers.

“It is very important that corporate companies put their money where their mouths are,” said Levy, who lauded WISYNCO for their efforts to support the continued growth of the cadet unit. He added, “There is too much talk about indiscipline among youths and few persons are coming forward to help instill discipline.”

The JCCF has helped many young men stay away from gangs and a life of crime – guiding them to be productive and strive for excellence in all things.

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