Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

CranWATA Hydrate to Concentrate Promotion

‘CranWATA® Hydrate to Concentrate’ Promotion

1. 600mL bottle Cranberry, Grape, Peach and Strawberry
2. 330mL bottle Cranberry, Grape, Peach and Strawberry

Promotion Mechanics:

1. Students at participating schools must correctly answer the weekly trivia question advertised on TVJ Mondays through Fridays during School Challenge Quiz.
2. Each week a new trivia question will be advertised via a 30 sec TV commercial
3. Students are required to buy any 3 bottles of CranWATA and provide proof of purchase via bottle labels.
4. Trivia response and labels will be affixed and deposit in drop box located in school canteen/ tuck shop.
5. Each week winner will be randomly selected in a drawing from validated entries. This winner will receive a tablet for him/herself and a laptop for his/her school.
6. At the end of the promotion the school with the most entries collected for the duration of the promotion will win J$100,000 cash.

Valid Entry:

• Students name in full, Name of school, telephone number and CranWATA tagline on a piece of paper and place in the entry box in the participating school along with any three (3) CranWATA labels.
• Persons may enter as many times as they wish.
• Employees and their immediate family (parents, spouse, siblings, and children) of Wisynco Group Ltd and Whistling Frog Ltd. are not eligible to participate in the competition.

Total estimated value of laptops is $400,000 JMD; Total estimated value of tablets $250,000.

Participating Schools:
Please see list attached

Promotion dates: February 4th – April 3rd 2018

Selection of Weekly Winners:

1) Weekly entry dates and draws are as follows:


2) All weekly entries will be collected and entered into a drum and the winner will be drawn at random. Drawing will be done at Wisynco’s head office weekly on Wednesdays at 11am.

Terms and Conditions:

a. Participants must be a Jamaican resident and valid ID must be presented for prize collection; ID’s for verification include School ID
b. Attempts will be made to contact weekly winners by phone on the day of the draw, if winner is unreachable on that day, five (5) attempts will be made over a 1 week period to contact the winner. After 5 attempts that contestant will be considered a forfeit.
c. Winners have 1 month to claim prize after which unclaimed prizes will be retained by Wisynco Group Ltd. Winners crawl will also be placed on TV commercial.
d. Winners must agree to participate in Cran WATA® advertising and public relations campaign whether in digital, print or other media, should they refuse, they would have forfeited the prize.
e. Employees of Wisynco Group Ltd or Whistling Frog are not eligible for entry to the draws.
f. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash or Cran WATA® products.

• The promotion will be communicated via CranWATA’s social media platforms facebook, instagram and twitter pages.
• Advertisements will be exclusively on TVJ.
• Posters will be placed in all participating schools.
• Winners will be announced weekly on a 30 sec TV commercial via an on screen crawl and facebook.

Participating Schools:

(1) Titchfield High
(2) Excelsior High
(3) Central High
(4) Charlemont High
(5) Old Harbour High
(6) DeCarteret College
(7) St. George’s College
(8) Wolmer’s Boys
(9) St. Jago High
(10) Bridgeport High
(11) Knox College
(12) Immaculate High
(13) Jamaica College
(14) Dinthill Technical
(15) Merl Grove High
(16) Campion College
(17) Kingston College
(18) Hampton School
(19) Enid Bennett High (Bog Walk)
(20) Holy Childhood High
(21) McGrath High
(22) Edwin Allen High
(23) Ferncourt High
(24) Victor Dixon High
(25) St Andrew Technical
(26) Maggotty High
(27) Holmwood Technical High
(28) Meadowbrook High
(29) Lacovia High
(31) St Mary’s College
(32) Hydel High

(33) York Castle High
(34) Greater Portmore High
(35) St James High
(36) Morant Bay High
(37) Mannings School
(38) Camperdown High
(39) Manchester High
(40) Cornwall College
(41) St. Catherine High
(42) Calabar High
(43) Ardenne High
(44) Denbigh High
(45) The Queen’s School
(46) St Mary High
(47) Glenmuir High
(48) Clarendon College
(49) Wolmer’s Girls
(50) Munro College
(51) Norman Manley High
(52) Vere Technical High
(53) Christiana High
(54) Bellefield High
(55) Montego Bay High
(56) Jonathan Grant High
(57) Spot Valley High
(58) Mona High
(59) Westwood High
(60) Spalding High
(61) St Hugh’s High
(62) Oberlin High
(63) Mt. Alvernia High
(64) Yallahs High

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