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Corporate JA Supports EduFocal

Award-winning e-learning company EduFocal Limited has received $10 million in cash from several corporate giants to help offset costs associated with its facilitation of free access to the platform and EduFocal L!VE online classes for the month of April.

The funds were offered by Wisynco Group Limited, Tru-Juice, National Baking Company Foundation, and JP St Mary’s.

CEO/co-founder of the eight-year-old social learning community, Gordon Swaby said the collaborative approach stemmed from the high uptake of the service since Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the temporary closure of schools, effective March 13.

“The Ministry of Education was in dialogue with us as soon as the first COVID-19 case was confirmed on March 10. Our immediate concern was to assist with the consistent engagement of students preparing for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations, and so we agreed to waive costs for the announced 14-day school closure,” shared Swaby.

Since the free offering commenced on March 13, EduFocal saw a close to 30,000 peak in active parent user accounts for local students across grades four through six accessing the online learning community’s extensive PEP practice tests and other learning resources.

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