Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

Cran Wata

Launched in November 2007, CranWATA has made significant strides in the beverage market, expanding to include the White and Strawberry WATA.

CranWATA A naturally refreshing fruit flavoured water that quenches your thirst with the much loved taste of cranberry. It contains real fruit juice, more than most juice drinks. The drink not only tastes good but appeals to the health conscious, but to a wide cross section of consumers since cranberries hold lots of nutritional value. The berries are a good source of vitamins C and A, dietary fibre, and also contain manganese, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and beta-carotene. The product has done so well, it was awarded The Breakthrough Product of the Year at the 2008 Jamaica Manufacturers Awards.
This Made in Jamaica brand is active in communities, supporting the development of sports, schools, various ministries, music entertainment, and health programs, to name a few.
The product is highly recommended for person’s with an active lifestyle and athletes because of its ability to keep you refreshed and hydrated before, during, and after your activities. It keeps you on your “A” game. And even for those that are not as active, remember doctors recommend 8, 8oz glasses of water a day as a part of a balanced nutritional diet.
The great cranberry taste makes the consumption of water easy and is a great alternative to drinks high in sugar such as juice, soda, and juice drinks.

With hundreds of millions bottles sold to date, it’s clear that CranWATA® has won over the people of Jamaica and has become a beverage of choice.

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