Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica

We miss you today
And we will miss you tomorrow
You have lived a life that has touched our lives forever
On the footprint of time, you have left your footprints with glory
Our love for you will give us memories, and faith will give us strength
Though we are saddened, the thought of you will always bring a smile
We know that you are surrounded by the light of God and
watching over us all
You are now a Treasure in our Hearts

With love All Wisynconians

Known to us as Charmaine and Mrs. Abrahams, she was a loyal Wisynconian of over 30 years. Through her undying devotion, she elevated through the ranks, starting as a Sales Representative, to Key Account Executive, and later to a beloved Regional Sales Manager to her region seven team members and Wisynco peers. She successfully spearheaded Wisynco’s pilot roll-out of a new route-to-market strategy in the first two territories, leading one of the most successful sales teams at Wisynco. Charmaine was not only one of our leaders — but she was also a mother, a wife, a friend, our sister in Christ, and a role model that inspired us with her determination and outspokenness.

Her peers described Charmaine as a friend, mentor, a beautiful soul who was very dedicated to her work and her colleagues. There were sentiments expressed that she was a true standard bearer and wise counsel — a fine woman who was treasured and highly respected by all.

In 2019, we honored her journey at Wisynco in our Annual Report, and in an interview, she said she believed in “no limits, as there’s no ceiling to where we can be,” and “not to put a limit on yourself or anything you want to achieve”. These words are a testament to who she was, and we will never forget her outstanding contributions to our Customers, our Lives, and Company.
Her Legacy Will Forever Live On!

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