Lakespen St. Catherine Jamaica
BOOM Energy drink

Since the entrance of energy drinks to the Jamaican market, Wisynco vision was to develop a locally produced energy drink whose quality and taste can compete alongside top brands in the category. After years in the beverage industry, Wisynco was brought to welcome its newest member to the family, BOOM. Production on the first Jamaican everyfy drink began in January 2010. The product is distributed island wide and provides energy drink lovers with the maximum power for every hour.

There are nine (9) main ingredients, that when combined provide a burst of energy, which are proportioned as healthy servings for your body in each 600ML and 330M bottle. INOSITOL, PANAX GINSENG, PANTOTHENIC ACID, RIBOFLAVIN (VITAMIN B2), VITAMIN B6, NIACIN, TAURINE, CAFFEINE, B12. Available SKUs PET 24x591ML, PET 24x 355ML